Tecnofender has extensive facilities in Barcelona where we design and manufacture all our products.

With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing tubulars and inflatable fenders for all types of marine applications, in recent years we have developed a new generation of fenders, impact protection and buoyancy elements. Specially designed to work under severe conditions of use in all types of marine environments, maintaining a truly exceptional weight-strength ratio.

Our team is made up of professionals trained in different areas of the naval sector, from engineering and design to highly qualified manufacturing and installation personnel.


Technological activity influences social and economic progress, but from a commercial perspective it makes it more oriented towards satisfying the needs of all our customers.

Technology brings great benefits to mankind, its main role is to create better useful tools to simplify the saving of time and work effort. In Tecnofender we provide a set of knowledge, know-how, skills and abilities interrelated with procedures for the construction and use of natural or artificial artifacts that allow us to transform our raw materials into innovative and quality products.

Thanks to technology, our products are of high performance and quality.

Tecnofender in the world

In Tecnofender, we design, manufacture and install at international level, last generation light fenders for boats, pontoons and marinas, floating systems for the elevation and maintenance of boats, anti-skid systems for decks and many other solutions for shipbuilding.

We have a high experience in project development for international organizations and private clients in different countries. Always managing the best logistics for each customer and product.

From different countries of the African continent, South America, Central America, Middle East to most European countries.


In Tecnofender, since its inception we have generated several cooperation projects, from the exchange of experiences, generation of naval events to cooperation projects between several companies to improve the performance of products or the development of new concepts.

We are always looking for new collaboration projects, in order to bring to the market all our experience in the naval sector.

Our interest also in the development of courses on safety at sea, piloting or technological advances is a constant.

Public Organizations


has several clients within the public agencies, both national and international.

Our experience in carrying out government projects means that public agencies have full confidence that we guarantee a product of the highest quality and care.

Here are some of the public agencies we have worked with nationally.

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